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“Booking rooms is simple, on-the-spot via an iPort outside the meeting rooms, or via Outlook or O365.” BTS

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Pronestor booking system: Online, room-side displays, shared for resource efficiency

Kiss goodbye to double bookings. Make the most of your meeting room resources and staff time. Simple online booking and room-side displays. Match meetings to room facilities. Single site, multi site and international.

Schedule meetings from anywhere

Schedule meeting rooms and equipment on your mobile, through a browser or in Outlook. Give meeting organisers tools that add value to your Exchange and O365.

Make the most of meeting resources and staff time

  1. Booking options include room-side, online and mobile
  2. Match meeting types to room facilities
  3. Elegant room-side and reception digital signage

Elegant digital signage, easy to update

Digital signage at room-side and in reception. Integrates with Exchange, O365 and Google Apps. Book, confirm, end or prolong meetings on-screen.


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To get a real feel for why Pronestor booking systems always get rave reviews from users in meeting rooms designed and installed by Carillion Communications, book a free trial. Enjoy new Pronestor simplicity in resource planning and booking.

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